Experience of use Flekosteel

Experience using Flekosteel Tomasz from Brno

Experience using Flekosteel Tomasz from BrnoHello, today I want to tell you about such a wonderful medicine that helped me regain flexibility, a healthy back and return to sports.

I have been actively involved in sports all my life. In his youth, he played basketball and then started going to the gym regularly. But a year ago I exaggerated with the timtags and pulled him hard by the back. At first I thought that everything would be over soon, I just needed to lie down.

But it's been a week and I haven't been better. Somehow I walked adjusted, but it was worth bending down or turning awkwardly and feeling a sharp pain. I had to do something, it continued to be impossible to live like that.

I bought a few warming gels at the pharmacy, on the seller's advice, they helped for a short time, but only a few hours passed and I started to cry again. I was advised to take painkillers, but decided that you can't do without a doctor.

I had to go to the doctor. I was diagnosed with a sprained sprained nerve root, I was prescribed Flekosteel. After reading about this gelun on the Internet, I decided to buy it online for fear of counterfeits in pharmacies.

The product was delivered to the post office, fairly quickly, after three days already unpacked the package. The gel smells nice of some kind of herbs and spices.

How to use:

The doctor said to use it twice a day, and wrap your back in a towel, to get a warming compress. I followed his advice to apply the gel before work and before bed. After 4 days there was no pain sensation! For the next week, I applied the gel and did gymnastics at home, then went back to the gym.

If I have injuries or sprains, that is not a reason to procrastinate. Three to four days of Flekosteel application and full recovery mobility.

If you have back problems or if you have dislocated ligaments - use this gel, which will instantly put you on your feet and relieve pain!

The experience of Flekosteel Erich from Cologne

The experience of Flekosteel Erich from Cologne

I've had back problems my whole life. And not one, but a whole bouquet: scoliosis, osteochondrosis, radiculitis. And over the years, all of these problems have gotten worse. It became difficult to even just lie on your back, it turned out to fall asleep in only one position.

The joint and back pain gel helped me regain mobility. Flekosteel. I read about it on the internet and ordered a few packages. After a week, the back pain disappeared, and simple gymnastics combined with Flekosteel helped me forget about back pain.

I can recommend this gel to anyone who has muscle and joint pain. Even after one application it will become much easier for you!