How to treat osteoarthritis at home

Osteoarthritis in various forms is a common cause of pain, poor joint mobility. The majority of patients suffering from aseptic forms of articular pathologies have passed the threshold of 50 years anniversary. Treatment of osteoarthritis with folk medicine at home is of interest to thousands of people with various diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Traditional methods, proper nutrition, remedial gymnastics, self-massage will be a good supplement to take medication, visit a physiotherapy room.

Effective recipes

Most osteoarthritis is chronic pathologies. Constantly drinking medicine is harmful to the body. Phytotherapists offer affordable methods to improve the condition of diseased joints. It is impossible to completely give up medicine, but during periods of remission, many home remedies work just as effectively as medicines.


Healing clay also helps in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. It has long been used in the therapy of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, and the populists have accumulated more than a dozen recipes with clay.

Clay is characterized by unique regenerating properties - it helps relieve the inflammatory process and promotes the recovery of the body. If you make compresses based on clay, you can quickly get rid of joint pain, which then bothers patients suffering from osteoarthritis.

Treatment of osteoarthritis with folk remedies, such as clay, has no side effects, but doctors do not recommend using it for pregnant women and patients suffering from pathologies of the heart and blood vessels. In addition, clay is not used for tuberculous lesions in the musculoskeletal system.

Healing with horseradish

Treating osteoarthritis with folk remedies sometimes allows you to take a whole new look at familiar plants. In particular, the most effective treatment of a diseased hip and other joints can be provided with common horseradish. This is due to a number of inherently positive characteristics.

First, horseradish has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, thanks to which painful symptoms can be minimized or completely eliminated. Second, horseradish leaves perfectly cope with the swelling that accompanies deforming osteoarthritis of the hip and other joints.

The following methods for dealing with osteoarthritis with horseradish have proven successful:

  • Compresses for osteoarthritis from horseradish with an apple. To prepare them, rub these two components on a grater and mix them in equal proportions on painful joints at night and secure them with a bandage.
  • Grated horseradish, mixed with a small amount of water, bring to a boil over low heat. A dense fabric impregnated with this mixture is used as a compress at night.
  • Horseradish leaves should be thoroughly kneaded, applied to the joints and tied.
horseradish for the treatment of osteoarthritis

An important property of horseradish, which makes it possible to effectively treat osteoarthritis at home, similar problems in the musculoskeletal system, is a harmful effect on viruses.

Honey, propolis and aloe

From honey, propolis and aloe you can prepare a unique ointment that surpasses many traditional drugs for osteoarthritis in its properties. It's hard to prepare, but the preparation is worth it. To prepare the ointment, it is necessary to choose natural ingredients, and it is better to do this with real beekeepers. In the initial phase, prepare a bi-podmore - a tablespoon of this ingredient is ground in 100 ml of hot vegetable oil. Then place the product in the refrigerator for fourteen days.

In the next step, propolis is prepared. It is crushed and stirred with water, and after the liquid has precipitated, the residue is dried and poured with alcohol in the ratio of one tablespoon to 10 ml of the mixture. The mixture is poured into a dark glass container and stored for two weeks.

The third step is to prepare the aloe. Several thick leaves from below are cut and wrapped in paper. Aloe should also be stored in the refrigerator for two weeks. Some leaves turn black after the elapsed time - they must be thrown out, and the green leaves are crushed and squeezed out of juice.

After two weeks, when the podmore, propolis and aloe are ready, mix all three components and then add more syrup to them. It is prepared as follows - two tablespoons of honey are dissolved in a glass of water and a tablespoon of young pine and spruce (crushed sprouts) are added there. This mixture is simmered in a water bath until it thickens.

When the mixture is ready, pour it into ready-made honey, podmore and aloe and mix. In the end, you should get an ointment in the consistency, it is lubricated with damaged joints several times a day. Thanks to the action of this agent, the cartilage tissue in the area of the hip or knee joint is actively restored.

Gelatin treatment

Promotes the restoration of cartilage tissue and elasticity of the ligaments gelatin in osteoarthritis. An ordinary product is used, not an instant product. Home treatment consists of applying compresses with gelatin and drinking beverages inside.

Preparation of medical cocktails:

  • Bring 2 teaspoons of gelatin powder to swell in 100 ml of warm water overnight. In the morning add the same amount of juice, compote. Stir the composition thoroughly and drink before breakfast for 25-30 minutes.
  • Prepare milk jelly: in a glass of warm milk, take 3 tsp. Spoon gelatin powder, sugar or honey to taste. Heat the swollen gelatin until it is completely dissolved, cool. This medicine should be taken three times a week. The duration of treatment is 3-6 months, depending on the degree of neglect of the disease.

Important! Ingestion of gelatinous drinks or jellies causes constipation, which can be prevented by simultaneously consuming fruits that have a laxative effect (prunes, figs, dried apricots). The use of beverages with gelatin must first be approved by the attending physician.

It is safer to make warming compresses of gelatin on a sore joint:

  • pre-water the gelatin;
  • moisten gauze in warm water and squeeze lightly;
  • lay out the prepared medicinal composition with a layer of 0, 5-1 cm in the middle of the gauze;
  • put a compress on a sore spot, wrap with oil cloth and a warm cloth;
  • you can fix it with an elastic bandage;
  • the event is preferably held at night.

The best effect is achieved by switching between the internal and external application methods.

Noble shell

Folk remedies for knee joints also take into account the need for calcium joints. Its supply to our body can be provided by ordinary eggshell. In addition, along with the building material for bones, there are microelements necessary for ligaments, tendons and muscle tissue, the health of which the joint performance depends on. The list includes iron, manganese, sulfur, copper, fluorine.

It is harmless even to the most vulnerable groups of the population - pregnant women, children and the elderly. They are even advised to use it. In parallel with the normalization of joint functions, eggshells will help cope with nervousness and insomnia, stabilize the digestive system and prevent the development of osteoporosis.

The shell of raw eggs is also suitable for internal use. It is not even necessary to disinfect it with boiling water: chicken eggs are rarely infected with anything, unlike duck eggs. It is enough to wash them with warm water and soap. Before knocking, wait a few hours for the shells to dry out and crumble more easily.

For the prevention and maintenance of the current condition during the remission period, it is enough to "salt" any bowl of egg powder. During exacerbations and the appearance of pain in the joints, its daily dose can be increased to 8 g (teaspoon with top).

eggshell against osteoarthritis

The use of shells is attractive in the absence of side effects.


Among the abundance of recipes for treating knee joints with folk medicine, this one is the most popular due to the combination of availability and effectiveness. Raw tubers are peeled, rubbed with a coarse grater or ground with a meat grinder and heated slightly, using a water bath or placing the mass near a heat source.

The puree is placed in a natural substance bag and attached to the knee in the same way as a burdock compress. Leave it overnight; the course of treatment is one week. Every night a new gruel is prepared.


A little known but effective folk way of coping with knee pain with osteoarthritis. At night, the joint should be overlaid with beetroot, covered with polyethylene and to prevent the compress from slipping with an elastic bandage (not too tight), a sports knee pad or a scarf.

The next morning the pain will drop sharply in intensity and in a dozen days they will completely disappear. The efficiency of the procedure is increased if the root vegetable is rubbed roughly instead of cut, and at the same time fresh beet juice or infused kvass is taken from the same vegetable.

Reference. Beetroot not only relieves inflammation that causes discomfort, but also nourishes the joint with the elements it needs. True, you need to take good care of the seal, otherwise the bedding will be stained in the morning, which is difficult to clean.

Herbal treatment

Medicinal herbs infused with alcohol, vodka, vegetable oil when rubbed into a painful place, have a beneficial effect on the pathology. Only folk medicine can completely cure osteoarthritis only in the initial stage of the development of the disease. In the future, it is recommended to combine the traditional method of treatment and informal medicine to achieve a healing effect.


Burr leaves are an excellent remedy for osteoarthritis of the ankle and knee. To use the burdock, it must be collected in an organically clean area, rinse the leaves themselves and knead with a rolling pin. They become less firm and may even show juice. In this form, the layer is applied to the affected knees or ankle and stored for several hours as application.

This tool helps to activate metabolic processes, improve tissue trophism, strengthen bones and muscles. Burdock also helps evacuate excess salt from the human body. If the pain in osteoarthritis when using burdock began to subside, it is recommended to change the recipe. This will give even more strength to the remedy for osteoarthritis.

To do this, the burdock is collected and washed and then rotated through a meat grinder to make a liquid gruel. It is laid out on the surface of the diseased joint and wrapped with a whole leaf of burdock and on top with a warm cloth so that the medicine is warmed up by the heat of the body. This recipe provides an even greater restorative effect, therefore it is recommended not only for osteoarthritis but also for arthritis and arthritis.


Dandelion flower tincture, prepared in May. Fresh inflorescences are washed thoroughly and poured over with boiling water. Put it in a jar (up to the top) and fill it with vodka. Insist in a dark and cool place for a month. The tincture is then filtered and used as an abrasive. A similar tincture can be made from white purple.


Homemade celandine oil can also relieve osteoarthritis pain. To prepare it, you need fresh leaves and plant stems. In a liter of olive oil, add 8 tablespoons of celandine rolled through a meat grinder. Soak the oil in a warm place for fourteen days, after which it can be used. It is necessary to massage the oil into the painful areas with massage movements. Can be lubricated three times a day.

To help worn cartilage recover and gain elasticity, in the old days rich broth (without salt) and gelatin were introduced into the diet. Chicken feet broth is especially useful. It contains a lot of collagen, which is essential for the repair of cartilage tissue.

The only caveat to using broth is its high cholesterol content. Therefore, they should be drunk in moderation. By frequent use of various gelatin bowls (jelly, jelly, etc. ) connective tissue can be restored.

celandine oil for osteoarthritis

A contraindication to the use of celandine is a tendency to thrombosis.


Traditional medicine has long been quite successful in combating joint problems by using all kinds of herbs for this. Of the huge number of plants that have proven their effectiveness, cinquefoil stands out.

Homemade tinctures from it improve the condition of the hip, knee, shoulder and other joints, increase their strength and make them more elastic. The recipe is simple:

  1. Sabelnik, namely its root, should be finely chopped and filled with 0, 5 liters of vodka.
  2. In this condition, the saber should stand for three weeks.
  3. The tincture is then filtered and the cinquefoil can be used.
  4. One teaspoon of this medicine is diluted with water and taken three times a day.

Reincarnation at home can not only be used for ingestion. Treatment of deforming osteoarthritis will be more effective if tincture of sabernik is used to rub into sore spots. It is also advisable to do this three times a day, massaging the joints for five minutes, after which it is recommended to apply woolen bandages.

Sabelnik can act as the main medicinal component of the following ointment: a tube of lanolin cream, honey (tablespoon), tincture of cinquefoil (tablespoon), three drops of vitamin E, hot pepper tincture (tablespoon). All these ingredients should be mixed thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained and placed in a glass dish.

Interesting. The cinquefoil as part of such an ointment handles extremely effectively pain and swelling that accompanies deforming osteoarthritis of the hip joint and others. After applying the cream on the joints, apply insulating bandages.

Golden mustache

Now this plant has somehow lost its popularity - but not its importance and healing properties. In any case, if we mean the treatment of the knee with folk remedies. The most effective of them is an ointment, which is effective in cases of arthritis and osteoarthritis, and when sciatica, arthritis or arthritis is diagnosed.

It is prepared in an elementary way: juice is squeezed out of the leaves of the plant and mixed with some fatty components - Vaseline, baby cream or even natural animal fat. For three parts of the juice, take part of the bottom. The resulting cream can simply lubricate the affected joint, you can make compresses from it. If you prefer the latter option, hold the bandage on your knee for about half an hour.

Using a golden mustache (aka Callīsia frāgrans, if you respect scientific names), you can treat cardiovascular disease at the same time. Or you can start the process of cartilage restoration - for this the plant must be supplemented with helpers, the best of which is horseradish.

Healing baths

Water procedures that use medicinal solutions are useful for osteoarthritis as an adjuvant. Staying in a medical bath increases blood circulation, relieves pain and relieves inflammation. Healing baths are made according to the best recipes:

  • Two hundred grams of mustard is poured into 5 liters of warm water and poured into a hot bath. You can stay in a mustard solution for a maximum of twenty minutes.
  • For 100 grams of mint, take two glasses of water and brew. Pour the sifted broth into the bath and take a bath for half an hour.
  • Oregano, calendula and St. John's wort are mixed and poured with boiling water. After loading, add to the bath and stay in it for a maximum of 15 minutes.


Cold treatment is used as one of the methods of physiotherapy in a medical institution. Nevertheless, Narodniks has successfully adapted it to domestic conditions and has been using it for many years. Cryotherapy can be used even if the disease has worsened and the patient is plagued by pain from osteoarthritis. When using cold applications, it is possible to slow down metabolic processes, relieve swelling and reduce the pain threshold.

Reference! As the applications with the curative cold are short-lived, the effect of pulse therapy is achieved - metabolic processes are slowed down only for a short time, after which they are reactivated.

It is very simple to use cold treatment at home - in the refrigerator or freezer it is necessary to cool a 0, 5 liter plastic bottle with water and apply it, wrapped in a soft cloth, on the affected joint for 10-15 minutes.

After application, a pause of about an hour is given and the cryotherapy is repeated again. You should not apply cold without wrapping - such stress on the joints with osteoarthritis is contraindicated. After application, you can do a light massage.

cold compress for osteoarthritis treatment

Cryotherapy methods are prohibited for people with allergic reactions to colds, arthritis, coronary heart disease, stroke and hypertension. Cryotherapy for pregnant women is prohibited.


Swelling of the joints and pain can be cured with compresses according to the following recipes:

  1. Take a leaf of fresh cabbage, brush it with honey. Apply it on the sore joint, cover with plastic wrap, wrap it with a warm handkerchief. Keep the compress overnight.
  2. Mix white clay with water until the consistency of thick sour cream. Apply the mixture on gauze, apply the sore joint for an hour. The duration of treatment is two weeks.
  3. Grind eggshells to powder. Mix it with fatty kefir. Soak a bandage in the mixture, apply on the joint for a few hours.
  4. Apply fresh fern leaves on the joint. Secure it with gauze.
  5. Grind chalk, mix it with homemade yogurt. Apply on a bandage, apply on the joint. Leave the compress on overnight.
  6. Mix aloe juice, honey, vodka. Soak the bandage in the mixture, apply on the joint for an hour.

Physiotherapy and self-massage

At the exercise therapy office, your doctor will show you special exercises for developing sore joints. Complete immobility of the elbow, knee or hip region is only necessary for a short period after the operation or with severe soft tissue injury.

As soon as the acute symptoms disappear, it is necessary to apply moderate loads to the problem area. Daily exercises for 15-20 minutes improves the condition of all elements of the joints, prevents ossification in some pathologies.

An excellent addition to physiotherapy exercises - "soft massage" for osteoarthritis of various forms. With degenerative-dystrophic changes, periods of prolonged remission of exacerbations are replaced, but joint health must be maintained constantly. Strokes, light rubbing, kneading of the problem area improves blood circulation, accelerates metabolic processes and normalizes the mobility of the problem area.


  • Husband, 42 years old: "At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with DOA in the shoulder joint in grade 2. The pain was hell, but my wife was preparing a remedy from honey, podmore and aloe. This ointment literally saved me fromthe progression of osteoarthritis and eliminated the pain. "
  • Female, 67 years: "I was diagnosed with symptoms of coxarthrosis, but fortunately at an early stage. I used alternative baths and drank it internally. While I am being observed, there is no deterioration, I strengthen the treatment with chondroprotectors, I do therapeutic exercises. "
  • Male, 70 years: "Osteoarthritis of the hands has developed a long time ago - I am a mechanic by profession, apparently the work has affected me. Traditional remedies do not help me much, but I make compresses with burdock and turpentine regularly - they relieve pain and inflammation. "

By combining traditional methods of treating osteoarthritis with medication, you can achieve a significant slowdown in the development of pathology. However, it is important to take into account the existing contraindications, the presence of allergies to the components. Alternative medicine prescriptions should only be used after consulting your doctor.