Pain under the left scapula from the back from the back: causes, treatment, what to do when the scapula hurts

Pain under the left shoulder blade in the back

Pain under the left shoulder blade from the back from the back is a very unpleasant phenomenon that disrupts a person's mobility, impairs his performance. It is noted that with some pathologies, such discomfort may persist even during a person’s rest. However, this symptom does not always indicate the presence of a complex spinal pathology. Sometimes it is caused by a banal prolonged stay in a physiologically incorrect posture.

General anatomical information

So if you look at the back from behind, you can see that the left shoulder blade is attached to the ribs that make up the chest. Between each of them there is a nerve and blood vessel located in the grooves. The ribs are connected to each other by means of ligaments and the muscular apparatus.

Closer to the center of the shoulder blade is the spine, within which the spinal cord is located. All the nerves leave him. The back muscles around the shoulder blade are well developed. Its purpose is to protect the left lung, heart, spleen, stomach and pancreas as well as the thoracic aorta.

What factors trigger pain syndrome?

Pain under the left shoulder blade from behind from the back can be triggered by the following factors:

  1. Ulcer.Here the nature of back pain grows, it is associated with meals, but after an attack of vomiting it becomes weaker. An additional sign that it is the wound that is causing pain is the presence of belching or heartburn. Discomfort is not only felt in the shoulder blade on the left, but can also radiate to the sternum, left nipple. In this case, the patient is simply not able to move normally. Severe discomfort prevents him from breathing deeply, so that a person can not completely relax, leading to other equally serious violations of the functionality of the body and nervous system. If the pain on the left side of the back manifests itself too sharply, contact an ambulance immediately.
  2. Acute pancreatitis.It is also capable of causing quite severe pain in the left side of the back below the shoulder blade. Emotions have their own character, in this case shingles, suddenly.
  3. Vegetative crisis.The manifestation of the symptom is very striking here. In addition to pain in the back to the left of the back, a person has a feeling of tightness in the chest, fever in the same area, inability to determine the exact location of discomfort. The patient can not breathe normally, he has an increased feeling of anxiety and fear. This is not to say that in such a condition it will be possible to determine the location of pain accurately. It often radiates to other parts of the body, even to the abdomen. The patient has a feeling of a lump in the throat and suffocation.
  4. Myocardial infarction.It also causes severe pain in the region of the left scapula in the back from the back. This condition is often life-threatening, so it must be recognized and treated in a timely manner. The patient has a burning sensation, he is unable to breathe deeply. The intensity of pain on the left side of the back is very high, the patient does not respond to glycerol trinitrate, and the pathological condition itself lasts more than 10 minutes. The disease is characterized by the patient's hand often becoming numb during an attack.
  5. Heart attack.This cardiac pathology is also characterized by the presence of pain under the shoulder blade to the left behind the back. The painful sensations are sharp and compress the chest. The cause of this disease is narrowing of the lumen of the blood vessels. An attack induces physical activity, hypothermia, use of alcoholic beverages. Glycerol trinitrate may weaken it.
  6. Respiratory pathology.If a person feels a constant pain syndrome from behind from behind under the left shoulder blade, the cause of this condition is pneumonia or dry pleuritis. At the same time, unpleasant sensations accompany every deep breath, cough, sneeze. The pain will always be directed at the affected lung. Its nature can change depending on the severity of the pathology: be insignificant or become cutting, penetrating.
  7. Dissect aneurysm of the ascending aorta.Due to this, the load on the valve between the left atrium and the ventricle increases. At the same time, the heart cannot perform its functions as fast as it should. This causes stagnation of venous blood in the lungs, their edema develops. At the site where the aneurysm attaches to the vessel, its wall becomes thinner and can rupture at any time. This will cause severe bleeding in the abdomen.
  8. Biphasic rupture of the spleen.This reason is considered very rare, but it also occurs. If the tissues of the presented organ are damaged, the patient develops abdominal bleeding, which is almost impossible to stop. This disease requires immediate surgical treatment.

These pathologies must be recognized as soon as possible. Otherwise, a person may die without receiving proper medical attention.

What diseases of the musculoskeletal system cause pain?

Lesions of the spine or other parts of the skeleton can cause pain under the left scapula behind. The following reasons for the development of discomfort can be distinguished:

  • Osteochondrosis of the neck.At the beginning of the development of the disease, the patient's sensations are difficult to determine, but they give away to the nerve roots that are damaged. The pain is spontaneous, pulls, may disappear after taking a hot bath. In the future, there is a strong squeezing of the nerves and blood vessels in the neck area, which does not go unnoticed. An additional symptom of the pathology is that the pain radiates to the arm. Osteochondrosis of the neck most often develops in people who intentionally or involuntarily lead a passive, sedentary lifestyle. As for the nature of the pain syndrome, it can sting under the scapula.
  • The defeat of the intercostal nerves.The presented condition is considered a common cause of back pain under the shoulder blade on the left. A deep breath, cough, bending to the left side increases the pain syndrome. Emotions are very sharp, strong, shooting. If the pathology progresses, the pain under the shoulder blade in the back gets a burning character.
  • Scapular-rib syndrome.The sensations usually hurt, pull. Discomfort is localized in the area above and below the shoulder blade, below the shoulders. A feature of the pathology is that a crunch can be heard as you move your arm and shoulder. The cause of the appearance of such a disease is very strong physical stress, trauma to the specified part of the body, hypothermia.
  • Malignant tumor affecting the skeleton.In this case, the tumor itself or its metastases are located on the scapula.
  • Scapular crunch.The presented disease is not so often observed and affects the subscapularis. The painful sensations here are not of high intensity. But while moving in the area of the shoulder blade, a crunch is heard.
  • Osteomyelitisas a result of a specific injury, for example: gunshot wounds.
  • Shoulder-scapular periarthritis.If it has a simple form of development, the sensations will not stand out for desire. Symptoms are usually found only by some form of movement. In the acute stage of development, the pathology is characterized by an increase in appearance, especially at night. At the same time, mobility is limited in the shoulder, an increase in basal temperature is observed and the muscles cramp.

Pain under the left shoulder blade can be a symptom of severe pathology, especially if it has a burning, sharp or stinging character.Even pregnancy can cause a pathological condition. This period is characterized by the fact that the female body is under enormous stress.

An injury is capable of triggering a pain syndrome in the back below the left shoulder blade: a fracture, a crack. Here the discomfort in nature pains, and with movements there is a tendency to increase it. Often psychosomatic causes of the development of such a pathological condition are noted. The provocative factor here is a strong emotional or psychological stress that the body is not able to cope with adequately. A feature of this reason is that even a negative attitude of the patient to symptoms can worsen his well-being even more.

Classification of discomfort

Before starting the treatment of a pathological condition, it is necessary to determine the cause of its appearance. The nature of the pain syndrome is also important for the diagnosis. He can be:

  1. Shingles.In this case, the discomfort is localized in one place. The person feels it constantly. The patient cannot breathe normally as this leads to an increase in the syndrome. The slightest movement, coughing can cause a deterioration of the patient's condition. The nature of the pain is triggered by the passage of a nerve impulse between the ribs.
  2. Burning.The victim may have numbness in certain areas of the skin that is a tingling sensation in the body.
  3. Growing.Here the pain from under the shoulder blade from the back will be given to the hand. An increased tone in the muscles of the shoulder and back can induce this symptomatology.
  4. Spicy.Here, the intensity of the pain behind the left shoulder blade is considered very high. Often the patient can not breathe, it is difficult for him to lie on his left side, the movements become unbearable.
  5. The man has a sharp pain under the shoulder blade
  6. Cutting.It is first located on the left and then moves to the center.
  7. Boring tendernessin left shoulder blade. It usually occurs when the hand is raised.
  8. Pullpain syndrome. It often "spreads" from the scapula to the lumbar spine.
  9. Cutting.
  10. Constant pain, which does not allow breathing normally, lies down, makes movements.

As you can see, there are many different types of discomfort. Therefore, it will not be possible to accurately determine the cause of the development of pathology on its own. That is, in the presence of pain, the patient should consult a physician and undergo a thorough examination.

Features in the diagnosis of the disease

If the patient has a dull ache, begins to ache in the area of the left shoulder blade, treatment begins with a complete examination. Diagnosis includes the following procedures:

  • X-ray of the spine and it is performed in several projections. The picture may also show problems with the lungs.
  • CT scan.
  • MR.
  • In the presence of cardiac symptoms, the patient is assigned an ECG.
  • Ultrasound of internal organs.
  • Instrumental examination of heart rate, blood pressure.
  • Biochemical and general blood test.

After examination and determination of the cause of the pathological condition, the patient is prescribed treatment. He may also need a consultation with a cardiologist, gastroenterologist.

How is the disease treated correctly?

Of course, if the patient begins to whine in the area behind the left scapula behind, he cannot take a deep breath, he must start therapy. Methods of removing pain under the left shoulder blade are determined by the factors that triggered the mechanism of development of the pathological process. It is not enough just to remove the symptoms as they quickly reappear.

Every disease is characterized by its symptoms, therefore the treatment regimen is always different. However, each of them contains important recommendations for observing the daily regimen and diet. Naturally, dull pain is treated with medication.

If conservative therapy does not provide positive dynamics, the patient is indicated for surgery. For example, it is necessary to surgically treat a hernia of considerable size, rupture of the spleen, gastric ulcer, accompanied by internal bleeding.

If pain causes pregnancy, rest more and consult a gynecologist.

When are you going to the hospital?

So if discomfort is constantly present, and with deep breathing it becomes stronger, begins to give to the hand and other parts of the body, you should immediately consult specialists. Simply removing the symptoms will only make the situation worse as the disease will continue to develop.

Even if the patient knows the cause of his condition, do not immediately run to a narrow specialist. It is better to consult a therapist who will guide you to the right place.

Preventive measurements

It is impossible to fully insure yourself against all diseases. However, you can try to avoid the factors that will cause a deterioration in health. For example, you should eat right, exercise daily to keep your body in good shape and train your muscles. In the presence of sedentary work, a warm-up at regular intervals is necessary. Of course, it is best to avoid all kinds of injuries.

If you know why it hurts under the left shoulder blade in the back, you can start effective treatment on time. Of course, some pathologies, especially degenerative-dystrophic ones, cannot be completely overcome. However, proper therapy will help slow down their progression. Be healthy and do not neglect the advice of experts!